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Customising the JA Purity template/customisations/Using a single image for header and logo

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This entry only addresses the blue or green style. What about addressing the default style that is well the default and what most people see when they first start using this template?

Also is the title of this article really correct? From what I can tell it is how to edit the 602px X 80px graphic in the upper right of the header and not the whole header area.

Thanks Rich Battlecat

Moved to the left

To actually replace the Logo, I had to change "right" to "left" twice as shown below:

       background: url(images/myheader-image.png) no-repeat top left;
       height: 80px;
       position: absolute;
       top: 0;
       left: 0;

Make sure the template is set for logo, not text.

Then in the template.css file I changed to:

   h1.logo a {
   width: 0px;