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Spacer parameter type

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I think the spacer parameter definition is not quite true.

In the DTD there is no differentiation between the spacer type and other types.

This implies therefore that a spacer type requires:


This is the case when editing an install xml file in Eclipse. It shows errors around the spacer elements unless they are annotated thus:

<param name="spacer" type="spacer" label="" />

I would suggest either changing the description to show all the required attributes or altering the DTD to remove the REQUIRED status from the name and label parameters.

Thanks. The DTD will need to be altered. At present the DTDs are unreliable and in some cases, like the component installer DTD, actually impossible. There is a major overhaul of the installer logic taking place for 1.6 so until then, don't rely on the accuracy of the DTDs. Chris Davenport 10:15, 22 September 2008 (EDT)