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Dieses Feld bietet eine Dropdown Liste aus Einträgen aus aus einer Abfrage aus der Joomla! Datenbank. Die ersten Abfrageergebnisse aus der Abfrage werden als Optionen in einer Dropdown Liste angezeigt.


Spezielle Optionen in diesem Bereich sind:

  • Mehrfachauswahl
    Erlaubt die Mehrfachauswahl - falls aktiviert.
  • Query
    The SQL query which will provide the data for the dropdown list. The query must return two columns; one called 'value' which will hold the values of the list items; the other called 'text' containing the text in the drop-down list.

Zugehörige Informationen

Siehe SQL Formular-Feld-Typ


Creating the field

Let's say you create a field with the options shown in the next figure.

Sql field create-en.png

Using the field in the backend

In the backend while creating an article or a contact you see the field like in the following imageː


Using the field in the frontend

In the frontend, you can see the field as you see in the following image. The option Automatic display is responsible for the position of the field and your template is responsible for the design of the field.
Fields are only displayed in the frontend if you have filled them with data in the article. If it is not a required field, can you forget it?

Sql field frontend-en.png