Developing a component frontend update function/Initial version

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Developing a component frontend update function

15 Preparation[edit]

  1. This package from scionescire has been adapted slightly. This adapted version can be downloaded from the link here . The modifications were mainly corrections for some minor layout issues with the sidebar, ordering and pagination with the HelloWorld component admin page.
  2. Install the component in Joomla:
    • Login to Joomla as administrator.
    • Select Extensions → Manage, and then the Upload Package File tab.
    • Click the 'Browse' button and select the downloaded zip file from step 1.
    • Click Upload & Install.
    • Check that the component installed properly.

Step 15 of the original Hello World tutorial is now up and running as first step in this tutorial.

15.1 Source files for this step[edit]

15.2 Testing the features of this step[edit]

  • Enhance the database data by adding categories and publishing the database items:
    • Open the HelloWorld administration page by selecting menu Components → Hello World!
    • Select the Category sub menu, and enter a few categories.
    • Select the 'Options' button and go to the 'Hello World!' global configuration menu. Click the radio button for 'Show' categories.
    • Click the 'Save & Close' and return to the HelloWorld manager page
    • You can add additional items if you like, assign categories and publish all items.
  • Check that the items can now be displayed by using URL 'localhost/index.php?option=com_helloworld&id=1' , '...&id=2', etc.