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J3.x:Getting Started with Joomla!/Introduction to Joomla Articles

Article Pages in Joomla

Articles in Joomla are your website's content pages. Articles can be linked to the Joomla menu system, or you can create hyper-links to other articles, within the article content itself.

User access for creating articles

You need specific access to create new content, the minimum access required is "Author". The other applicable user access levels are:

  • Editor
  • Publisher
  • Manager
  • Administrator
  • Super User

Joomla also gives you the ability to edit articles from the front-end of your site as well as the Administrator.

Create Article - Administrator Area

To start a new article simply click the menu Content  Articles  Add New Article. You can also use the option in the left-hand menu in the main Administrator control panel screen, under "Content" - "New Article".

You will be presented with a content editor, depending on what you have selected as the default editor e.g. TinyMCE or JCE.

In the editor's screen you can start typing the content for your article. The tool bar contains many opions including those for formatting text, bullet lists and inserting images and other media.

Article Editor

Depending on the editor you have chosen to use, it may look something like this:


Type in the editor and add your formatting and other content as you see fit.

Click Save to save the article. You might see a Save & Close button which will return to the Article Manager list.