How do you add a new module position?

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The list of available positions where you can insert a module is controlled by the template you are using. It is possible to add new positions to a template.

Inserting the code[edit]

  • Open the index.php file of the Template you wish to edit
  • Locate the place in the Template where you wish to put the new position.
  • Insert
<jdoc:include type="modules" name="newposition"   />
  • The variable can be used (between existing
    tags) to replace an image by replacing the <img src="xxx" border="0" alt="">. Or By creating a new
    tag with its own class/id.
  • Open the Template's TemplateDetails.xml file and locate the <positions></positions> Start and end tags
  • Then add
  • Example

Viewing the changes[edit]

To see all of the existing template locations in your browser edit the Template manager options.

Template manager options

Then append "?tp=1",to the end of your normal URL (for example, "http://www.yoursite.com/?tp=1").