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從管理控制台安裝 (整包的佈景主題檔案)

登入您的網站後台 (www.your-site.com/administrator/)

點擊:擴充套件 -> 管理


您會看到 "擴充套件管理" 頁面


  1. 從網站安裝 - 選擇列在Joomla! Extension Directory當中的佈景主題
  2. 上傳套件包檔案 - 從您的本機選擇套件包,上傳並安裝
  3. 由資料夾安裝 - 輸入您網站伺服器中,安裝包所在的檔案路徑
  4. 由網址安裝 - 輸入安裝包的URL

Option 4 does everything for you, your environment needs to be properly configured to allow this. Option 2 requires you to download the extension to your PC. Option 3 requires you to unzip and move the folders/files to your webserver. All options require the webserver to have write access to the webspace.

Here, we choose the second method: Upload Package File

Drag and drop file to the upload area to upload. Alternatively you can also click the button "Or browse the file" to select the package from your PC.


If the package contains no errors you are done and get a success message like the one below.



Go from tab 'Install' to tab 'Manage', set the 'Type' filter to 'Template'. The installed template should appear in the list. If it does, the template is properly installed. Now you can assign one of styles to a menu item or set the style as default. For administrator templates make sure you have two windows of the template manager. Activate the new template in one of them and reset it in the other one if something went wrong.

從 FTP 安裝 (解安裝的佈景主題檔案)

Templates can also be installed via FTP without packaging them. Simply select the template folder on your PC and upload it to your server, using your favourite FTP software. Be sure you upload the template folder to the directory: /path_to_joomla/templates/ - where /path_to_joomla/ is the location of your Joomla! installation on the server. This method is mostly used when you have created a template yourself, and do not want to have to package it to install the template, or if you want to upload more than one template at once. You must then go into extension manager and click on Discover in the sub menu. Click on "Discover" in the toolbar if your template doesn't immediately appear. A list of uninstalled items in the FTP should then appear. Click the checkbox to the left of your template and click on the button 'Install'.

注意: 如果您是新手的話,不要使用FTP來安裝元件、模組以及外掛。這樣做會越過套件安裝流程,接著會需要手動來插入資料庫。