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List View

First you see the list view

How to access

You can open the Multilingual Associations Manager in the backend.

Click Components  Multilingual Associations

Multilingual Associations No Multilingual Associations 3-en.png

Please select an Item Type and a reference language to view the associations. See section Column Filters for more information about selection.

Multilingual Associations No Multilingual Associations 4-en.png


No item is selected.

Multilingual Associations ListView 5-en.png

Articles in English selected

Multilingual Associations ListView 6-en.png

Column Headers

Multilingual Associations ListView 7-en.png

By selecting an item, you will see the following columns:

Status of the item, Published or Unpublished.

The name of the item.

The Item language.

The associated languages for this item. The colour of the icon is standing for the association state.

  • Gray = already associated item and
  • Orange = no associations for that language yet.

The viewing Access Level for this item.

The Id of this item.

Filtering and Sorting

Sorting with Column Filters

Multilingual Associations ListView 8-en.png

Above the column headers / below the toolbar on the right, there are two drop down input fields:

  • Sort Table by: (preset to Ordering ascending) and
  • A number (preset to 25) to display.

Sort Table by
These column sorting input fields display the current method of sorting applied to the list. Use the drop down field choices and click the column heading name. Alternatively, click on the column heading to sort the list by that column’s value. This will also change the value in the drop field to match with the column header name. The list will then be sorted in order by that column and a sort icon (up or down arrow) will show next to the column name. Click a second time to reverse the sort, which will change the corresponding drop field.

If there are more items than you choose in the drop down with the number, you can use the page navigation buttons located at the bottom of the page (Start, Prev, Next, End, and page numbers) to navigate between pages.

List Filters

The List Filters above the column headers / below the toolbar on the left side. These filters are a series of controls that let you limit what items are displayed in the manager screen list. More than one filter may be entered. In this case, only items that meet all of the filter conditions will show on the list.

To start filtering items, you must select an item type (Articles, Contacts, News feeds, etc.) and a Language.

After that, several filters can be applied by clicking the search tools.

Search Tools

Multilingual Associations ListView 9-en.png

Filter by Published Status
Allows you to display only items with the selected published status.

  • Select Status
    Shows items that are Published and Unpublished. Does not show items that are Trashed or Archived.
  • Published
    Shows only items that are Published.
  • Unpublished
    Shows only items that are Unpublished.
  • Archived
    Shows only items that are Archived.
  • Trashed
    Shows only items that are Trashed.
  • All
    Shows all items regardless of published status.

Filter by Category
Allows you to display only items assigned to a specific category. The list box will display the categories defined for your site.

Select Category:

  • Display items assigned to any category.
  • Display items assigned only to this category.

Filter by Viewing Access Level
Allows you to display only items that have a specified viewing access level. The list box will display the access levels defined for your site, similar to the example below.

Select Accessː

  • Display items with any viewing access level.
  • Display items only with this viewing access level.

Filter by Max Levels (Category Level)
Allows you to display only items whose category is at or above the specified level in the category hierarchy.

Select Max Levels:

  • Display all items regardless of level of their assigned category
  • 1: Only display items whose category is at the top level in the category hierarchy
  • 2-10: Only display items whose category is in the top 2-10 levels in the category hierarchy.

Search text field

Use the text field to filter by partial title, enter part of the title and click Search.


At the top of the site you will see the toolbar, it has two states.

  • At least one item is in the list

Multilingual Associations ListView 10-en.png

  • No match - No item in the list

Multilingual Associations ListView 11-en.png

Delete All Associations
Deletes all associations in the database for all items.

Delete Orphans
Deletes all associations for orphan items, for example for items that are associated to deleted items.

Clicking on the Options icon in the toolbar so that you can manage the ACL for this component.

Clicking on the Help icon in the tool bar to see the related help page.

Check in Items

If you see an item, that is checked out, you can not manage it within the Multilingual Associations Manager. You have to check it in in its original manager. For exampleː For an article, you can checkin in the Article manager.

Multilingual Associations ListView 11a-en.png