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Side by Side View

Side by Side view

How to access

You can open the Multilingual Associations Manager in the back end.

  1. Click Components    Multilingual Associations
  2. Filter the item you want to edit
  3. Click on the entry of this item in the list


Target empty

Multilingual Associations SidebySide 12-en.png

Target is a new item

Multilingual Associations SidebySide 13-en.png

Target is an existing item

Multilingual Associations SidebySide 14-en.png


On the side-by-side view you can edit the reference and the target's fields. For details on what these fields are, refer to:


At the top you will see the toolbar, it has two states:

No target selected

Multilingual Associations SidebySide 15-en.png

Target selected image

Multilingual Associations SidebySide 16-en.png

Save reference
Saves the reference item.

Save target
Saves the target item.

Copy Reference to target
Copies all fields from the reference to the target, this is useful when there are lots of fields in common.
Be careful: When you use copy reference, although the language of the target will be set automatically, all other fields will be copied. Most of the time you will have to modify Title, alias, category at least.

Closes the current screen and returns to the previous screen without saving any modifications you may have made.