Subcategories Not Showing

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Why are subcategories not showing on drill downs?

In some category views subcategory information is not showing but they did prior to updating. This seems to be the case specifically when there is not a direct menu link to the category view displaying the subcategories.

Versions affected[edit]

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General Information

This pertains only to Joomla! version(s):- 3.1.4

What is the cause[edit]

No cause has been cited yet.

How to fix[edit]

To fix the display there are several options depending on your situation.

  • Go to the menu link from which the drill down is reached. In that link change "Show Empty Subcategories" to "Show."
  • Change the global com_content settings for "Show Empty Subcategories" to "Show."
  • Make a direct menu link with the settings you want.
  • Make a layout override to use in that context that manages the show_empty_categories parameter as you prefer it to be handled for that page.