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更網站新到 Joomla 2.9.25之後,試著使用 com_media 或是 mod_random_image 來設定圖片或檔案路徑時,如果選擇英文字母外的字元開頭的,會導致錯誤。



這會影響 Joomla! 版本: 3.9.25


由於安全更新,我們不再接受com_media設置中的圖片相對路徑設定。相同的過濾器也套用到 mod_random_image 的資料夾設定值。假如您想要使用英文字母 a-z 以外的字元做開頭,例如 "1-images",您會看到錯誤訊息。

Important Information

When we talk about "folder" we only talk about the first main folder, not about subfolders. So creating "images/2021-03-01" is absolutely fine.

  • Did you change the default images main folder in Joomla! in the com_media options? If you didn't change it you won't have any issues
  • If "Yes", did you change the default images main folder to a folder starting with a non-alphabetic character (like "1-images" or "Ø-test")? If you didn't, you won't have any issues.
  • If "Yes" then you can't save the com_media options anymore. (But as mentioned before all media files are still working fine).

The same issue occurs in the "mod_random_image" module. Existing modules will continue working as before. If you create a new one and the first character in the folder path is a non-alphabetical character, you can't save the form.


等候更新到 Joomla 3.9.26


同時間在檔案 libraries/src/Form/Rule/FilePathRule.php (File on Github) 中移除行 53 到 56