Actualitzant de Joomla! 3.4.x a 3.5

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Abans d'actualitzar, sempre fes una còpia de seguretat i no t'oblidis de provar-ho.


Update by using the Joomla! Update component (recommended)

Preferiblement actualitza la teva instal·lació de Joomla! fent servir el component d' actualització de Joomla.
Si no saps com fer-lo servir, mira: Component d'actualització de Joomla!.

If you're using OpCache with the setting opcache.revalidate_freq with a number greater than 1, some of the classes (like JVersion) might be cached from a previous request and thus make the update script fail. Set opcache.revalidate_freq to 0 in that case and retry.

Update when you can't use the Joomla! Update component

Si no pots actualitzar la teva instal·lació de Joomla! de la manera preferida a causa de les limitacions de l'hostatjament o problemes de connexió, hauràs de seguir els següents passos:

N.B. Clicking the "Update url" link in Components  Joomla Update opens a new browser window/tab. This allows the browser to by-pass the server and directly download the correct update package.

  1. Method A
    1. Go to Components  Joomla Update. Click the "Update url" link and save the update package to your computer.
    2. Go to Components  Joomla Update   Upload & Update tab
    3. Browse to the file then Upload & Install
  2. Method B
    1. Go to Components  Joomla Update. Click the "Update url" link and save the update package to your computer.
    2. Copy the update package (that you just downloaded) to the sites /tmp folder (note the path is set in the Joomla Global Configuration - make sure it's in the correct directory)
      (N.B. this method only works with the update package that the Joomla! Update component discovers. It will not work for other update packages or the Joomla full package. It also requires an internet connection to the Joomla Update XML file).
    3. Go to Components  Joomla Update. The Joomla! Update component will use the update package from your /tmp folder.
  3. Method C
    Only use this method if method A and method B fail:
    1. Download the update package from https://downloads.joomla.org
    2. Extract the download package on your computer
  1. Puja el contingut del paquet baixat a l'arrel o a la carpeta on tens la instal·lació de Joomla!
  1. Accedeix al teu Panell d'administrador de Joomla! i vés a Extensions  Gestionar   Base de dades i selecciona el botó Arreglar a la part superior esquerra.


See also: Updating from an existing version.