J3.x:从Joomla 3.4.x 升级到 3.5

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Please note!

Updating to Joomla 3.5 can no longer be done through the extension manager.

You must now update through the Joomla! Update component (or by manual action as indicated below).
开始升级之前,请务必做好整站备份 备份 别忘了测试备份.


Update by using the Joomla! Update component (recommended)


If you're using OpCache with the setting opcache.revalidate_freq with a number greater than 1, some of the classes (like JVersion) might be cached from a previous request and thus make the update script fail. Set opcache.revalidate_freq to 0 in that case and retry.



方法 A
    1. 组件  Joomla更新. 点击 "更新链接" 并保存更新包到你的电脑上面.
    2. 复制更新包 (你刚刚下载的)到网站 /tmp 文件夹中 (关于/tmp文件夹的位置在,网站>系统>全局设置>服务器 - 确保它是正确的目录)
      (N.B. this method only works with the update package that the Joomla! Update component discovers. It will not work for other update packages or the Joomla full package. It also requires an internet connection to the Joomla Update XML file).
    3. 转到 组件  Joomla更新. Joomla !更新组件将从你的/ tmp文件夹使用更新包进行更新.
  1. 方法B
    (如果你没有能力直接在服务器上进行解压缩,请看方法 C)
    1. Download the update package from https://downloads.joomla.org
    2. 复制更新包到你的网站根目录并解压缩.注意,你要选择覆盖现有的文件. 例如, 在eee-eee.com,使用FTP管理客户端上传更新包到服务器的根目录eee-eee.com/并解压缩。 "覆盖现有的文件夹".
    3. 登录到Joomla! 后台管理并到 扩展  管理  数据库 并点击左上角的“修复”按钮.
    4. 在扩展 扩展  管理  发现中点击左侧的发现按钮. 只选择 Joomla! CORE extensions 然后显示可更新的列表 ,点击安装按钮. ('注意:不要选择安装第三方扩展).
    5. 在管理后台主菜单中,到 系统  清除缓存Clear Cache如果列出任何的缓存项目, 选择他们并删除这些缓存.
  2. Method C
    If you don't have the ability to unpack the archive on the server (method B), please use this method:
    1. Download the update package from https://downloads.joomla.org
    2. Extract the download package on your computer
    3. Using your favorite FTP software, upload the folders and files at the root of the website or in the folder where your Joomla! installation is located. (NOTE: If you are using Filezilla, click on "Replace" for all, if you are using WinSCP, click on upload and then allow override for all. The FTP software will overwrite the existing files and add the new ones.)
    4. Log in to your Joomla! Administrator panel and go to Extensions  Manage  Database and select the Fix button on the top left.
    5. Go within the manage section to Discover menu item in the left menu and click the Discover button. Select only the Joomla! CORE extensions shown in the list and click the Install button. (Note: do not select for installation the 3rd party extensions you may have installed).
    6. In the main menu of your administrator panel, go to System  Clear Cache and if any rows are shown, select them and click the Delete button at the top left.


See also: Updating from an existing version.