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How to Use the New Action Logging System

As of Joomla 3.9, Joomla introduced an action logging system.

This system is the finalization of the "Recording Action Logs" project from GSoC 2016. This system provides an infrastructure to create an audit log of activity performed on a website and can be fine tuned to the site admin's preferences. Extensions are able to hook into this system to add custom messages or have the system process standard CRUD actions.

In this tutorial, you will find information on how to set up this new system.

Note: Only Super Users have access to the Action Logging system.


User Actions Log Dashboard

Navigate to Users  User Actions Log to access the dashboard.


From this screen a Super User has a global overview of all activities performed on a site by users and has the ability to review, export, delete and purge entries.

To learn more, please see:


System - User Actions Log

Once enabled, this plugin allows to define the number of days after which the logs will be deleted.

Action Log

Once enabled, this plugin allows to record the actions of users for the core extensions.

Privacy - Action Logs

Once enabled, this plugin allows to export the action log data for a user's privacy request.


Action Logs - Latest Module

This admin module shows on the control panel a list of the latest actions performed on a site.


Note: The module is not displayed by default on sites upgrading to Joomla 3.9. In order to display it on your control panel, navigate to Extensions  Manage  Manage  Enable the System - User Actions Log plugin and then go to Extensions  Modules  Administrator  New  Action Logs-Latest

Please see also: Latest Actions Admin Module.

How to hook an extension to the system