Using the JHtmlTabs class in a component

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≥ 3.0


JHtmlTabs has 3 static methods that can be used to create tabbed menus. All functions return strings.

Options for JHtmlTabs[edit]

These are the options that can be passed to the JHtmlTabs::start() function in the form of an array.

onActive: A callback function when a tab is activated with two params. 'title' is the tab itself, and 'description' is the tab content.

onBackground: A callback function when a tab is backgrounded.

startOffset: The default tab to start with (zero based index).

useCookie: Whether or not to use cookies to store tab active state. (boolean) (true | false) // This is not a string. Don't use quotes.


$options = array(
    'onActive' => 'function(title, description){
        description.setStyle("display", "block");
    'onBackground' => 'function(title, description){
        description.setStyle("display", "none");
    'startOffset' => 0,  // 0 starts on the first tab, 1 starts the second, etc...
    'useCookie' => true, // this must not be a string. Don't use quotes.

//Note that the options argument is optional so JHtmlTabs::start() can be called without it

echo JHtmlTabs::start('tabs_id',$options);
echo JHtmlTabs::panel("Panel Title 1",'panel-id-1');
    echo "<h2>Content of first panel goes here!</h2>";
    echo "<p>You can use JLayouHelper to render a layout if you want to</p>";
echo JHtmlTabs::panel(JText::_('CUSTOM_PANEL_TITLE'),'panel-id-2'); //You can use any custom text
    echo "<h2>Content of second panel goes here!<h2>";
echo JHtmlTabs::end();