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Creating a submenu

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Hi :) I have created this new page within the wiki and tried to follow the same path as the rest of the pages for 3.2.x http://docs.joomla.org/J3.2:Creating_a_submenu

I don't know how to add the link at the top-right to take people to the same page for other versions. I don't think there was a separate one for 2.5 as the generic one covering all versions was plenty close enough. It's only in 3.2 that significant changes seem to have happened afaik.

For the section on Menu&MenuItems it made MUCH more sense to space-out the numbered list so that people can easily work through a section and then come back and repeat the section (4-6) later. I considered indenting it, as a sub-section, but i think it flows better with just the spacing.

I've not worked through the "Menu Modules" section as thoroughly but i think that one makes more sense as it is anyway.

I've not been able to do the screen-shots as light-weight and am not sure about how to upload screen-shots anyway. So i have just written a little line by each to describe the difference. I didn't know how to drop the font-size or italicise it but i think it just about works as is. Anyway it'd be better to change the screen-shots and then the extra lines can be removed so there is not much point working at the font.

The "Separate Menu Modules" hasn't been worked on at all. From point 5 onwards is the most confusing as "Start Level" no longer starts at 0. I tried using 1 instead and then adding +1 to the "End Level" but couldn't work out what the instructions were aiming for nor what effect the levels were having in practice. Hopefully i'll figure that out and come back to edit the wiki another day or another week.

Many thanks all and regards from Tom :)

Hi Tom, thanks for creating the new page! As far as the link to a version 2.5 in the top. It is all automated. The exact pagename must be present in the J2.5: namespace. I can move the original to J2.5 for you. Thanks! Tom Hutchison (talk) 10:38, 10 February 2014 (CST)