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Modifying a Joomla! Template

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Must say I very much dislike what happened here. Was about to request for arbitrage. Don't mind being corrected, do mind the way it happened here. Won't touch it anymore, maybe the mistakes can be corrected: cutomized must be customized and in the picture it shouldn't call the style template name. Sovainfo (talk) 19:29, 29 November 2013 (CST)

Sovainfo - No offense was intended. Since you both were technically correct(you were taking the short-cut and Topazgb was taking the template view way, I decided to step in and use the opportunity to improve more of the template pages(they needed it), make the page clearer(I hope) and end the dispute by showing both methods. Actually, we are still in need of "What is a template style" info on why copy just the style? etc. page.
Now my bigger concern, renaming the article J3.2:How_to_use_the_Template_Manager. Not an appropriate title because it really isn't a manager of templates it is a template editor, suggestions? More like How to use the Customise Template Editor or a better title? Once we can decide on a better title, I'll send over a PR to mod the link or request the dev do so. Thanks! Tom Hutchison (talk) 21:04, 29 November 2013 (CST)
Hutchy68 - you made a better job of it than either of us could have done. Regarding J3.2:How_to_use_the_Template_Manager methinks perhaps 'How_to_use_the_Template_Manager_edit_screens'. Move 30-Template-manager-template-styles-view-1-en.png

to above 'Access the Template Manager Customisation Feature' ... change Access the Template Manager Customisation Feature' to 'Template manager main screen'(or similar) and put the Tip "Styles column refers to changing the available parameters etc.' under the newly named heading.