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The Atum Administrator template is provided with a complete set of Administrator modules installed and configured for everyday use. The following illustration shows the Home Dashboard landmarks to indicate where modules are located.


In the illustration above the panels are instances of the Quick Icon module linked to quickicon plugins.

Notes on some Module positions[edit]

  • Custom Top is above the banner and is useful if you wish to publish a Custom menu or a Custom module containing an important message. For example, to warn Administrators that the site will close shortly for system maintenance.
  • Status is for the icons shown right aligned in the Banner.
  • Menu is in the left sidebar of the Atum screen, labelled Navigation above.
  • Toolbar is above the Main content area in list and edit screens but is not present in dashboard screens.
  • Top is below the Toolbar but above any System Message and component content.
  • Bottom is below the component content.
  • Debug is below everything.

Atum template positions by name

		<!-- used directly in the template -->

Add a Custom Module[edit]

You may wish to add a Custom module to advise Administrators of some system problem. Select Content  Administrator Modules from the Administrator menu. The list of installed modules is quite long:


Select the New button and then the Custom module. In the Modules: Custom edit form enter a Title, a Custom message and select a Position for the module. In the example below the Top position has been selected. Also, in the Advanced tab, Module Class field text-center p-3 styles have been entered to centre the text and provide some padding. Save to see the result. Close to see the result on the Modules list page.


When you have finished with the message you can just select the Status button in the module list to Unpublish the module.

List of Administrator Modules[edit]

  • Action Logs - Latest This module shows a list of the most recent actions.
  • Administrator Dashboard Menu This module displays an administrator submenu module.
  • Administrator Menu This module displays an administrator menu module.
  • Articles - Latest This module shows a list of the most recently created Articles.
  • Custom This module allows you to create your own Module using a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Feed Display This module allows the displaying of a syndicated feed.
  • Frontend Link This module shows a link to the frontend and is intended to be displayed in the 'status' position.
  • Joomla! Version Information This module displays the Joomla! version and is intended to be displayed in the 'status' position.
  • Logged-in Users This module shows a list of the Logged-in Users.
  • Login Form This module displays a username and password login form. It should not be unpublished.
  • Login Support Information This module displays some useful links to Joomla support sites on the login screen.
  • Messages This module shows the count of private messages and is intended to be displayed in the 'status' position. It is only displayed when there are messages to read.
  • Multilingual Status This module shows the status of the multilingual parameters and is intended to be displayed in the 'status' position.
  • Popular Articles This module shows a list of the most popular published Articles that are still current. Some that are shown may have expired even though they are the most recent.
  • Post Installation Messages This module shows a counter and a link to the latest post installation messages. It is only displayed when there are messages to read.
  • Privacy Dashboard The Privacy Dashboard Module shows information about privacy requests.
  • Privacy Status Check The Privacy Status Check Module shows information about your sites privacy status.
  • Quick Icons This module shows Quick Icons that are visible on the Home Dashboard (administrator area home page)
  • Sample Data This module lets you install sample data.
  • Statistics The Statistics Module shows information about your server installation together with statistics on the website users and the number of Articles in your database.
  • Title This module shows the Toolbar Component Title.
  • Toolbar This module shows the toolbar icons used to control actions throughout the Administrator area.
  • User Menu This module shows the User Menu and is intended to be displayed in the 'status' position.