Creating Multilingual Associations Automatically

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Creating Multilingual Associations Automatically


To make multilingual associations easier and more quickly, a tool can be used so that users can batch create associations according to content languages. Create Associations button in Multilingual Associations Component can raise a modal for selecting languages and parameters of new associations. Existing associations will also display on the screen.

Environment Setup[edit]

You can find Create Associations button in the Multilingual Associations Manager in the back end. Click Components    Multilingual Associations.


If you do not have yet set up a multilingual site, you can follow this tutorial to get started.


After selecting specific Item Type and Language, you will find the Create Associations button in the column Associations.


Creating Missing Associations[edit]

Clicking Create Associations button of a specific item will raise a modal. You can select languages for creating associations of this item. You can see the following header columns:

  • Status: (Published/Unpublished) Status of the content language.
  • Language: The language code of a content language.
  • Parameters: The necessary parameters (categories / menu) of associations.
  • Titles: The title and alias of an existing associations.

You could not select a language in which an association already exists.



For Articles, Contacts and News Feeds, you must select a category as parameter. For Menu Items, you must select a menu as parameter. If not, this will cause an error.



After selecting a language and a category / menu, you can click on Create to create associations as you wish.


  • The names of newly created associations are in the following form: Original Name [Language Name]
  • The alias of newly created associations are in the following form: Original-Alias-Language-Name


Closing this modal will automatically refresh this page and you can see language buttons that have associations now turn green.