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How To
Archive Articles


As your website content grows it is likely that some of that content will need to be updated or replaced.

You might choose to unpublish these articles but you may have a requirement to keep the original articles/s in a way that people can still view them.

Joomla! makes archiving of articles a simple process by allowing you to change the status of the article to Archived. A benefit of archiving is that it makes content management easier and archiving is structured by year.

This status based approach is a key part of Joomla’s ability to effectively and efficiently manage content. Once archived, Joomla provides methods to access and display the content.

Archiving Articles

You can archive an article in several places, in the Article Manager, in the Article itself or in the Article via it’s Menu Item.

Archiving via the Article Manager

Once logged into Joomla go to the Article Manager via the Home Dashboard or Sidebar Menu.


From the Article Manager click the checkbox for the article you want to archive. Note that you can archive several articles at once.

Selecting one or more articles will enable the Actions dropdown list.

From the Actions dropdown list choose Archive.


The article/s will no longer appear in the default Article Manager List view.

Archiving Within an Article

When an article is open you can archive it by simply changing the article's Status.

Click the Status dropdown icon.

Select Archived. Save & Close the article.


From Within a Menu Item

This method only applies for articles that appear in a menu as a Single Article.

With the Menu Item open, click the Edit button in the Select Article field.

The article will be opened in a panel. Change the status of the article to Archived as shown in the previous method above.

Click Save & Close then Save & Close the Menu Item.

Viewing Archived Articles

Once articles have been archived, there are several ways to view them.

To view from the backend

In the Article Manager click the Filter Options button then the Select Status dropdown.

Choose Archived.

This will apply a filter to display all articles set with a status of archived.

Return to the default article list view by clicking the Clear button.


To view from the frontend via a menu

There is a Menu Item type of Articles > Archived Article that you can use to create a link in your menu to archived articles.

Further Information

To view from the frontend via a module

There is a module type Articles – Archived that you can use to display in a one of your website template module positions.

Further Information

Un-archive Articles

To un-archive an article the same process applies - the status of the article is changed from Archived to Published.

Follow the steps above at Viewing Archived Articles > To view from the backend to filter for archived articles. Select the relevant article/s and change the status to Published.

Quick Tips

Remember, archived articles are filtered from view in the Article Manager. You must change the status filter to Archived to view them.

Archiving does not unpublish the article.

You can also archive articles from the frontend when logged in for frontend editing.