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List pages that return many results usually have a pagination widget at the foot of the page but it is not obvious exactly how many records are available. The solution described here comes from a component that has more than a dozen list views and involves placing a custom information button in the toolbar.

The HtmlView.php file[edit]

The end of this file is a good place for a custom information button, just before the code for the Help button. By that stage the pagination will have been set. So the code looks roughly like this:

	public function display($tpl = null)
		$this->pagination    = $this->get('Pagination');
	protected function addToolbar()
		$nRecords = $this->pagination->total;
		->icon('fa fa-info-circle')
		->text($nRecords . ' Records')
		->onclick('return false')

Where ... indicate the other lines found in this file. There is a snag: the info icon has primary button colours. And as this code is to be used many times it is best to put it into a helper.

Calling and using a helper[edit]

This code goes in every page that needs a record count in place the standardButton code shown above:

		$nRecords = $this->pagination->total;

And the ButtonsHelper file has lots of buttons in it. This is the one used here:

class ButtonsHelper {
	public static function getRecordCount($nRecords) {
		$html = '
		<joomla-toolbar-button id="toolbar-record-count" task="">
		<button class="btn btn-info">
		<span class="fa fa-info-circle" aria-hidden="true"></span>
		' . $nRecords . ' Records</button>
		return $html;

And of course the word Records should be replaced by a string constant.


Number of Records Toolbar button

Handy to have this at the top of the page!

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