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Using Media Manager[edit]

From the Home Dashboard, when first entering the administrator console, Media Manager is reached by clicking on the Media Button in the Site Panel. See image below:

Site Panel showing Media Manager Button

After clicking on this button, you will then be presented with the Media Manager. You will notice a lot of changes from earlier versions of Joomla!, all for the better making this core tool very useful. Read on and see what you can do simply now with no need for extra components or using other tools for preparing your graphics. The image below shows the Media Manager Screen with the default graphics loaded. These will be found in the /images directory and it is advised not to change this path, especially if you have already been working in here as all your graphic links will be broken.

Default Media Manager Screen View

It is made up of the following sections starting at the top left:

  1. Upload Button
  2. Create New Folder Button
  3. Delete Button
  4. Options Button
  5. Help Button
  6. Folder Menu
  7. Main Media Panel

These will be explained in much more detail later on in the documentation. For those Joomla! Users who have used Media Manager before, I would like to take a quick look at the functions now available when mousing over a file and then clicking on the choice button as below:

All the Options available for changing an image within Media Manager