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:: Hint - This can be accomplished by simply moving the downloaded package to your server, then unpacking it. Or you can unpack the files on your local computer, then move the Joomla installation over to your server. Either way, the Joomla installation needs to be unpacked in the root of your site.



The "root" of your site is the public folder where all web page files are stored so that a user can view the site examples include public_html and htdocs. What your Host uses depends on them.</translate>



Normally you upload your web files to the root folder. This is typically named "public_html" but other variations include "htdocs" and this depends on what your host has the set up on the server. For Joomla purposes, you can load the files directly into "public_html" or a sub-folder within it.</translate>|title=<translate>

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