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The "cookie jar" is a container for a collection of small, well-defined tasks. Each could be completed by someone with appropriate subject knowledge and a modest time commitment.

This page merely explains the concept. Go to the real cookie jar for the actual task list. Before you start writing a page from the cookie jar remember to check the Talk (discussion) page to see if there is any additional information that will make your life easier!

Maintaining the list of items in the cookie jar is now largely automatic. An article (or rather an empty page where the article will be) can be added to the cookie jar by simply including {{cookiejar}} in the page. Once the page has been written it can be removed from the cookie jar by removing the {{cookiejar}} again.

Articles that could be improved

There are also a number of articles that have been flagged as in need of improvement. These have {{stub}} in the page, which means the articles have content but they are in need of improvement or more content. If you update one of these pages, please change the {{stub}} entry to {{review}} so it can be reviewed by someone else.

Proofreading and copy editing

If you don't feel comfortable writing contents from scratch, we always need people to proofread and copy edit. These articles can be found in the Category Needs review. You can click the + to the right to expand the list.

Adding articles to the Wiki

To add a new article to the Wiki, enter the title of the article as part of the URL. For example, if the article is called "My new article", enter the URL http://docs.joomla.org/My new article. A page will display saying that there is no existing article with that name, and a link called "Edit this page" will show. Click this link to begin editing the page. Once you have saved the article, you can rename it using the "move" tab at the top of the Wiki page. To add a "?" to an article, use "%3F", for example, URL http://docs.joomla.org/How does this work%3F.

Wiki Categories

Most Wiki articles will belong to one or more categories. Categories show at the bottom of the article as links, for example, "Categories: Tips and tricks | Tips and tricks 3.x". To add an article to a Category, at the bottom of the article enter [[Category:<category name>]] for each desired Category. For example, to put an article in the Category "Tips and tricks", add the text [[Category:Tips and tricks]] to the end of the article. Note that Category names are case-sensitive, so they must match exactly. If a Category link shows in red, this means the Category does not exist (probably because it is misspelled).

Many times, you will add an article to two or more categories. For example, if an article is an FAQ that is for version 3.x and also for Joomla! beginners, you would add three categories: "FAQ" (for all FAQ articles), "Version 3.x FAQ" (because it is for version 3.x), and "Getting Started FAQ" (because it is for newcomers).

Wiki Help

If you are not familiar with Wiki editing, check out the Wikimedia help for editors.

Articles in Our Cookie Jar

Below are categories which list the en-GB version of pages in our cookie jar. Click the arrow on the left to expand the list and find a cookie you like!

[►] Needs improvement(0 C, 18 P, 0 F)
[►] Needs review(0 C, 135 P, 0 F)