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What is Crowdin?[edit]

Crowdin is a cloud-based solution that streamlines localization (L10N) management for software projects.

The Joomla CMS official language packs and many other aspects of the project are managed using Crowdin to facilitate managing L10N activities.

Roles in Crowdin[edit]

The translation process is broken into two parts:

  • Crowdsourcing - Crowdsourcing is the area of Crowdin where anyone can submit translations for their local language.
  • Proofreading - Proofreaders perform a range of tasks to check, correct, approve and manage the Crowdsourced translations so that the approved translations can be used in various parts of the project.

This document outlines various items Proofreaders need to follow and understand to approve crowdsourced translations so that they can be used by the various parts of the project, and in particular be included in language packs for Joomla! For more information on the crowdsourcing translation process, see the introduction to Crowdin.

Becoming a Proofreader[edit]

For every language being translated in Crowdin Joomla! needs to have a proofreader assigned so that the translations submitted for that language can be approved and then included for use in the project.

Joomla 4's core language pack has over 67,000 words in 12,000 strings that need to be translated and approved. The time requirement for new proofreaders is significant at first as initially every string needs to be checked and approved. Once proofreaders have their language packs at 100%, the time commitment reduces significantly, with the project typically only adding a handful of strings to stable versions over time.

The project prefers ongoing commitment for involvement from Proofreaders. Proofreaders become Contributors on the various sub teams of the Joomla Translation Program Team.

For more information on participating in the Joomla Translation Program join the Joomla Translation Program Team or find out more information on JDocs Joomla Translation Program page.

Proofreading Processes[edit]

Roadmap of items to be constructed in this section

  • Using the Proofreading interface on Crowdin
  • Preparing a Joomla Language Pack
  • Approving translation suggestions after a string has been previously approved.

Proofreading Troubleshooting[edit]

Roadmap of items to be constructed in this section

  • Resolving comments
  • Github Issues raised about language packs