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General Information

The purpose of this page is to show and plan the navigation structure of the documentation found on this website. Eventually it will become a standing document to refer too. All input is welcome and encouraged, please use the Talk Page.

(P) portal (C) category (N) namespace

  • Main page (Home)
    • Visitors (P) ...or Guests maybe?
      • What is Joomla?
    • Getting Started (P)
      • Versions (C and N)
      • Installing
      • Tutorials (P, N, & C) Will not contain the actual pages, portal style pages of Tutorials listings by type, e.g Beginners, Developer, Plugins, Templates, Modules.
    • Administrators (P)
      • Beginners (P and C)
        • Administration
      • Intermediate (P and C)
        • Administration
      • Advanced (P and C)
        • Administration
    • Developers (P)
      • Extension development (P)
        • Components
        • Modules
        • Plugins
        • Templates
      • Joomla core developers (P)
        • Development
        • Git
        • Tools
        • Bug Squad (P)
    • Documentation (P, C and N) everything for Documentation should be in the JDOC namespace
      • Wiki Projects
      • Style Guides
      • Help

Landing pages should be pages like, Getting Started, User, Developer, Core Developer, Documentation(JDOC) will be top level.