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Welcome to the coordination page for all Joomla! documentation sprints. Besides events such as a dedicated Joomla Doc Sprints, documentation sprints can be included at Code Sprints, Pizza, Bugs & Fun and other similar events where working to improve Joomla documentation is encouraged and welcomed.

Uneix-te a nosaltres en aquests esdeveniments de documentació arreu del planeta i/o virtualment. Hi ha tasques per a tothom; codificadors, no codificadors i i traductors de documentació. El nostre objectiu és millorar la qualitat de la documentació disponible per a Joomla! pels usuaris i desenvolupadors.

Propers Esdeveniments

Aquí està una llista dels nostres pròxims esdeveniments.No dubtis en afegir a aquesta llista un de recent, ordenant per data la llista.

Upcoming Joomla! Events Worldwide

Enllaços com a inici ràpid dels esdeveniments

Ja tinc un compte de documentació i he contribuït abans.

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""Important!"' - Hauries de revisar la

Política de la wiki

  • Get your user account a few days before and make sure that you are able to sign in since the automatic authorization system can lock some people out.
  • Prova l'edició editant la teva pàgina d'usuari.Pots obtenir els detalls de com fer-ho aquí.
  • If you'd like something to be edited, but you're not sure what to write exactly, use talk pages to add comments to pages.
  • During the event, several experienced Wiki editors will be available in a Skype chat channel to help you. The Skype chat channel will be specific to the event. See the event details for information on how to join the event's channel.

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If you wish to be present at one of the physical locations listed for an event, you must see the event for more details on registration. Registrations are the responsibility of the individual location organisers and you should click on the appropriate link located on the event page for more information.


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  • No advertising or self-promotion will be allowed. This includes backlinks to your or anyone else's website. The Event Contributors List page will automatically track your contributions during an event. We will display the results of each event and hand out badges (posted on your user page).
  • All contributions must be in English. Note that the official language of the Joomla! Project is British English (en-GB).

Where to Go Next

Doc Sprinters, On Your Mark, Get Set...

Once you have read the above, please click the link to Joomla doc sprinter.png GO!