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This Wiki aims to document as many versions of Joomla! (both the CMS and the Platform) as possible to provide information for all users. Therefore it is important to clearly indicate the versions each piece of information (e.g. page, paragraph) applies to. This page explains the methods for organizing and tagging Wiki content with specific versions.


Icons are a quick and familiar way for users to recognize whether a page applies to their version of Joomla or reinforce it if the page is in a version specific namespace. Icons can currently be added using the JVer template, which can be used for placing CMS version icons, Platform version icons and a generic Platform icon. For example,

  • {{JVer|3.3}} will produce Joomla 3.3
  • {{JVer|2.5}} will produce Joomla 2.5
  • {{JVer|11.1}} will produce Joomla 11.1
  • {{JVer|platform}} will produce Joomla platform


Placing pages in categories is essential to the organisation of our documentation. Just as Joomla requires categories as a more efficient method of organisation, so does our documentation wiki. You can place a page in more than one category.

Page Names[edit]

The Joomla! Documentation Wiki articles are placed in a version-appropriate or descriptive namespace. This helps identify the text of the article with the version of Joomla it refers too. For example, the top of this page should show JDOC in a blue block. The title of the article is shown in the URL address bar as JDOC:Joomla!_versions with just the title below the blue block showing the namespace. JDOC, signifies it is the project or wiki's namespace for documentation articles. These articles would be for information, procedures, styles, instructions, etc. for using Joomla Documentation's website. If this article was for Joomla 2.5, you would see a J2.5 in the blue box and likewise the article's name would really be J2.5:Joomla! versions.

Some pages apply to more than one version Joomla!. These may or may not be version-specific and apply across multiple versions of Joomla. In these cases, no prefix should be used. For example, the Using TinyMce as My Editor article could apply to all Joomla versions. So you would not have a J2.5 or J3.x as a prefix and no blue box will appear.

For further reading and to find out about all the namespaces used on this wiki, please see Namespaces.

Archiving Pages[edit]

One of the features of using a namespace is the ability to set parameters for all the pages in a namespace. Styling or notices can easily be added and at the same time provide feedback to search engines as to the relevance of a page in a namespace. For example, currently all articles in the J1.5 namespace are archived. While the content is fully intact, it is not being indexed as aggressively as the current versions of Joomla.