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Using DPL to allow for truly modular FAQs[edit]




JDOC:TTP's intention was to create tutorials based on modular pieces of information, and the Help screens are currently using the Chunk16 namespace for this purpose. However, the popular and important FAQ page Security and Performance FAQs doesn't do any kind of transclusion. An important factor that prevents this solution from being really practical is that the "index" page, i.e. the one doing the transclusions, needs to be updated every time a new page is added. The DPL plugin can solve this situation. The following code can create the Security FAQ automatically:

category = Security FAQ
include  = *
format   = ,\n== %TITLE% ==\n

The only thing limiting the use of this solution is the lack of a guideline for FAQ items. For this solution to work, at least two conditions have to be fulfilled:

  1. The FAQs may not contain a heading that repeats the title. Apart from the fact that the title will be shown twice on the separate FAQ page, the plugin must handle title creation to ensure a consistent Table of Contents.
  2. The FAQs must enclose their categories with <noinclude>...</noinclude> tags, else their categories will be inherited by the index page.

If such a guideline can be created, I'd be glad to look into adapting all old FAQs to make this solution possible. Mvangeest 23:31, 15 January 2011 (UTC)

Dropping the Template namespace[edit]


In progress

All pages have been moved out of the namespace. The namespace may now be deleted so it will not appear in Special:Search. Mvangeest 23:18, 15 January 2011 (UTC)


I would like to propose the removal of the Tutorial namespace in favour of the Tutorial category. I can name the following arguments for removal:

  • Consistency: there's no FAQ namespace, though API15, API16 etc. are admittedly useful. However, tutorials do not have a significantly 'special' structure that would warrant a namespace.
  • Flexibility: categories are easier to add and remove, not to mention the fact that categories can have subcategories and are easier to view an index of.
  • Extensions: index articles such as the Management series use the DPL extension, which selects articles based on their categories and not their namespace. For example, Tutorial:Override_JFormFields is not shown in the list.
  • Use: Category:Tutorials shows that either documentors are ignorant of the namespace, or they just like categories more, as the majority of the tutorials does not use the namespace. The list of Tutorial: articles can be found on [1].


Proposal Accepted as per jtopic:582819