Translator Tips

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This page contains tips for translators.

Anchor Links

Anything after the pagename#, for example pagename#Anchor Link is anchor link. English versions of pages might contain:

[[Template#Front-end Templates|Front-end Templates]]

For the French Translation, it becomes:

[[S:MyLanguage/Template/fr#Les Templates de Site (Front-end)|les templates de site Front-end]]

A Tip

In a code like {{tip|some text to translate here}}, to translate the word "tip" in your language, proceed as follows: {{tip|title=your translation for tip| some text to translate here}}

Example in French: {{tip|title=Astuce| texte à traduire ici}}



texte à traduire ici

Wikipedia Links

When there is a Wikipedia link on the English version of an article, and if this wikipedia article is available in your language, please "translate" the wikipedia link by replacing wikipedia by yourlanguagecode.wp and by replacing the alias by the alias in your language.

Currently, this feature is enable for these language codes: bg (Bulgarian) - da (Danish) - de (German) - es (Spanish) - fr (French) - id (Indonesian) - nl (Dutch) - sw (Swahili) - pt-br (Portuguese Brazil) - pt (Portuguese) - ru (Russian) - af (Afrikaans) - ca (Catalan). If your language is missing, please contact us.


This link:

[[wikipedia:Tabbed_document_interface|tabbed browsing]]


For the French version:

[[fr.wp:Onglet_(informatique)|onglets de navigation]]

For the Spanish version:

[[es.wp:Pestaña_(informática)|Navegación por pestañas]]

For the Nederland version: