Wanted Tutorials

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If you would like to contribute a tutorial to the Joomla! documentation so that others can benefit from your knowledge, we welcome all submissions! Below is a list of suggested tutorial topics. If you would like to contribute directly, please create an account on this Wiki and create a page for your tutorial. If you would like to suggest a topic, please post a message in the Documentation forum.

Suggested Topics[edit]

Please note that this list is outdated. If you would like to contribute, please search the Wiki for existing pages before creating a new page for one of these topics.

  • Creating custom XML Parameter Types
  • Creating component preferences
  • Adding JavaScript and CSS to the page
  • Accessing the current user object
  • Adding AJAX to your component
  • Using JPagination in your component
  • Creating a toolbar for your component
  • Adding configuration objects to modules and plugins
  • Storing data in the session between page loads
  • Using the caching system in your component
  • Creating a file uploader in your component
  • Suppressing output of extra HTML
  • Supporting plugins in your component
  • Adding Multi-language support
  • Retrieving data from the GET and POST requests - the Joomla! way
  • Adding view layout configuration parameters
  • Using the installer API to support package installation