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I suggest to cummulate this project related information spreading Main: and Template: to Project: and Chunk: (where definitions popup.)

  1. Move Main:Modular Documentation to JDOC:Modular documentation
  2. subst: {{Introduction to Modular Documentation}} physically as its lead section.
    I "moved" the definition of a chunk from that template to Chunk:Chunk ;)
  3. subst: Templates for chunk categorisation physically as section Templates.
  4. subst: {{Further Reading on Modular Documentation}} physically as section Further reading.

Those templates and pages should then be deleted as they became obsolete.

To transclude parts from the new page use {{#lsth: Project:Modular documentation|Heading}} for a section or {{#lsth: Project:Modular documentation}} for the lead (introduction). #lst, #lsth, and #lst-x are parser functions provided by Extension:Labeled Section Transclusion which is already installed.

Projected outline:

 text from: Template:Introduction to Modular Documentation
 text from: :Templates for chunk categorisation, Section "Templates"
... yadda yadda

... yadda yadda

===Categorising a chunk===
 text from: :Categorising a chunk

==Further reading==
 text from: Template:Further Reading on Modular Documentation

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