Returns a document object of a type that is dependent on the document type. Only one object with the particular combination of type and attributes is created (see Singleton pattern). This is a public static method. The actual constructor should be considered private so that all object instantiation must be done using this method.


object &getInstance( $type, $attributes )


Argument Data type Description Default
$type string Document type. 'html'
$attributes array Array of attributes to be passed to the class constructor.

The attributes used by the class constructor are:

Attribute Description Default
base Document base URI.
charset Document character set encoding. 'utf-8'
direction Document language reading direction. Default is 'ltr' indicating left-to-right. Use 'rtl' for right-to-left. 'ltr'
language Document language tag. 'en-GB'
lineend Document line end style. \12
link Document URL.
tab String used to indent HTML. \11


To get an object of type 'mytype' with a given set of attributes, you could use:

$attributes = array (
  'charset'	=> 'utf-8',
  'lineend'	=> 'unix',
  'tab'		=> '  ',
  'language'	=> 'en-GB',
  'direction'	=> 'ltr'
$doc = & JDocument::getInstance( 'mytype', $attributes );

It is important to realise that subsequent calls to getInstance with the same type and the same attributes will return the same object instance.

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