Returns the data destined for the HTML <head> section in array form.

Note: this only returns the data added by the set Methods here. It will not return data about files linked directly from html in the template head.


array getHeadData()

The array returned contains the following entries:

Entry Type Field in HTML <head> section Get method Set method
title string <title> getTitle setTitle
description string <meta name=”description” ... /> getDescription setDescription
link string getLink setLink
metaTags array <meta .... /> getMetaData setMetaData
links array <... /> addHeadLink
styleSheets array <link rel=”stylesheet” ... /> addStyleSheet
style string <style ... /> ... </style> addStyleDeclaration
scripts array <script ... src=”...”></script> addScript
script string <script ...> ... </script> addScriptDeclaration
custom string ... addCustomTag


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