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Introduction to the Joomla! Electronic Documentation License[edit]

The intention of the Joomla! EDL is to foster wide electronic distribution of Joomla! documentation while ensuring that any additions or modifications to it can, at our discretion, be taken up and made part of the authoritative documentation distributed by the Joomla! project. In this way we hope to ensure that more people can benefit from the work of the authors and improvements made to the documentation can be brought back into the project for the benefit of all. We want to encourage use of the documentation, including commercial use, but at the same time we want to make sure that the documentation cannot be made proprietary.

All new documentation produced by the Joomla! project will be subject to the Joomla! EDL unless otherwise noted. We will attempt to bring earlier documentation under this license too, but this requires that we obtain permission from all the copyright holders. Please ensure that you check the license for each individual piece of documentation before attempting to distribute it. If you have any questions relating to this license please send an email to

Please note this FAQ is not part of the license but is merely provided to help you understand how the license works.

Joomla! Electronic Documentation License FAQ[edit]

  1. Can I put the documentation on a website and allow others to download it?
    Yes, but "You must provide a copy of this license, notice that it applies to the Work, and information needed to acquire the Source Form to anybody to whom you distribute the Work."
  2. Can I put the documentation on a website which carries paid advertising?
    Yes. See question 1.
  3. Can I put the documentation on a website and charge a fee to download it?
    Yes, commercial use is permitted provided you abide by the terms of license. See question 1.
  4. What about translations?
    Translations are works based on the original work and so are subject to the license in the same way that any other work based on it would be.
  5. Can I modify, add to, or translate the documentation then put it on a website and allow others to download it?
    Yes, but you must grant whoever downloads it a "copyleft license" and you must grant the authors a "grantback license". Read the license carefully to see what that entails and if you have any questions then please email
  6. Can I put a modified version of the documentation on a website and charge for others to download it?
    Yes, commercial use is permitted, provided you abide by the terms of the license. See question 5.
  7. Am I giving up to OSM the copyright on any modifications I make?
    No, you retain copyright on all the modifications or additions that you make. The intention here is merely to ensure that nobody can make the documentation proprietary.
  8. What does "proprietary" mean?
    Proprietary means that you do not have the right to copy, modify, and redistribute the documentation.
  9. Can I make the documentation available through a print-on-demand service such as Lulu?
    No. You do not have permission to make printed copies of the documentation available to anyone.
  10. Can I print copies of the documentation and give them to others?
    No. This license only gives you permission to distribute electronic copies of the documentation.
  11. How can I get permission to make printed copies?
    You must formally request permission from the authors. Granting of such permission is not automatic and will be subject to a separate license.
  12. Can I print out a copy of the documentation for my own personal use?
    Yes, printing a copy for personal use is permitted.
  13. Can I print out copies for educational use?
    The laws of copyright apply so if the educational use is permitted under copyright law in your jurisdiction then that is permitted by this license also.
  14. Can I use the Joomla! logo on my modified version of the documentation?
    Yes, provided you comply with the Joomla! logo guidelines, available here: Brand Identity Elements - Official Logo
  15. What should I do if I find a possible violation of this license?
    You should report the possible violation to the appropriate copyright holders. If you believe someone is violating the EDL license of the people who wrote the documentation for the Joomla! project please report the violation by e-mail to