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Below is a license granting you rights to use, modify and distribute documentation associated with the Joomla! project. It is designed to foster wide electronic distribution of Joomla! documentation while ensuring that any material added to the documentation by you or others can be taken up and made part of the authoritative documentation distributed by the Joomla! project.

La licenza che appare qui sotto non è l'unico modo per ottenere il permesso di utilizzare la documentazione di Joomla! Se vuoi pubblicare Joomla! documentazione in un modo non consentito da questa licenza (cioè in un libro stampato), si prega di contattare il progetto Joomla!

Anche se la licenza si chiama "Documentazione Elettronica Licenza Joomla!", si consiglia di utilizzarla per opere non associate a Joomla! e per cose diverse dalla documentazione.

La licenza stessa è copyright 2007 Open Source Matters, Inc. e si ha il permesso di farne copie testuali.

Joomla! Electronic Documentation License v 1.0


To "Propagate" a work means to do anything with it that, without permission, would make you directly or secondarily liable for infringement under applicable copyright law, except displaying or modifying a private copy.

The "Work" is any copyrightable material licensed under the terms of this license or any material based on such material. The "Author" means all the people or entities who have the legal right to grant permission to Propagate the Work or parts of the Work. Each licensee is addressed as "you".

"Electronic Media" means any device, medium or technology used to store, record, display, transmit or modify electronic information, including websites, compact discs, digital video discs, hard disks, magnetic media, and computer networks. "Electronic Media" does not include, for example, books printed on paper.

"Grantback License" means a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free license to Propagate the Work in any medium and by any means.

"Copyleft License" means a license to Propagate the Work under the terms of this license or any future version of the Joomla Electronic Documentation License published by Open Source Matters, Incorporated.

The "Source Form" of a work means the preferred form of the Work for making modifications to it. For text works, this could be plain ASCII text format.

Conditional Permissions

If you grant a Grantback License to the Author and a Copyleft License to anybody who comes into possession of the Work, you may Propagate the Work via Electronic Media for any purpose, including commercial purposes.

È necessario rendere disponibile gratuitamente, a chiunque a cui si distribuisce l'Opera, una versione dell'Opera in Forma Sorgente. Tale disponibilità deve avvenire tramite (1) lo stesso mezzo e metodo con cui distribuite l'Opera o (2) semplice download su internet. Non si può condizionare la fornitura del Modulo Sorgente dell'Opera su qualcosa di diverso dall'accettazione di questa licenza.

You must provide a copy of this license, notice that it applies to the Work, and information needed to acquire the Source Form to anybody to whom you distribute the Work.

You must preserve the Author's copyright notices in the Work and display them as prominently as you display your own.

Riserve di diritti

Nothing in this license grants you or anybody else any right to Propagate the Work in any medium or through any means other than Electronic Media.

Nothing in this license grants you or anybody else any right to do anything that requires permission under trademark law. Specifically, nothing in this license grants you permission to represent that the Work is "official" or in any way endorsed or sanctioned by the Authors.