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The Documentation Working Group is responsible for this type of events.

Forthcoming Events[edit]

No events are currently planned.


Joomla! Doc Camp 2[edit]

Doc Camp 2 morphed into one of the "stalls" in the Joomla! Bazaar. See Pizza Bugs and Fun 2.

Joomla! Doc Camp[edit]

Documentation all together.jpg

The first Joomla! Doc Camp event took place over the weekend of 19 January 2008. Although most of the activity took place online, we were joined by physical locations in Vancouver, Canada and Brussels, Belgium. A huge "thank you" to all who contributed during the event. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

Please read the Joomla! Doc Camp Report.

You can see the results (and continue to work on the documentation) here: Joomla! Doc Camp.

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