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これは Joomlaのアイデンティティのグラフィック要素の正しい使い方 で使用する基本的なガイドラインに関する複数の記事シリーズです。高品質で視覚的に見事なコミュニケーション資料を作成するために使用します。



The Joomla! logo consists of the logotype and the mark. The mark represents what Joomla is about...a community coming together as one. The mark is made up of four "J's" rotated and linked together that represent the community coming together as one. The images combining the logo and the Joomla! name have been developed to promote high visibility of the mark balanced with clear legibility of the name.

When used as part of the signature, the colours of the brandmark should never be altered in any way. Joomla! has two different brandmarks, the flat version (official) and 3D version (optional). We ask that you avoid using both of the brandmark styles in a given project. Instead, we recommend choosing one of the two brandmarks for each specific design project in order to give a consistent and coherent representation of our brand. The relationship (size, positioning, colours, etc.) of the brand identity elements should never be altered in any way.