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Joomla! Governance

Welcome to the main page of documentation created by the Joomla! Project's leadership for the benefit of our project and its volunteers. The aim is to create public and easy to find policy, procedure, and guideline documentation.

Only JDOC users who are in leadership positions may edit pages found in the "Joomla" namespace. All users may post questions and feedback on each page's corresponding discussion page. If you are a leadership member and need edit rights, please contact...{link forthcoming}.


Joomla's Brand Identity[edit]



Guidelines are sets of instructions using "best judgement" to provide continuity. They are not meant to be strict rules, but a guide for what the Joomla project considers a best practice.


Communication Channels[edit]

These are the Joomla Project's communication channels. For the best experience and faster responses to questions and comments, please use the appropriate channel.