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Brand Identity Elements

This is a multiple article series on the basic guidelines for the correct usage of the graphic elements of Joomla’s identity, in order to create high quality, visually stunning communication materials.

Begin with the Introduction, and navigate the articles in this series by using the navigation button at the bottom or the box to the right (Articles in this series).

The relationship (size, positioning, colours, etc.) of the brand identity elements should never be altered in any way.

Nesta página estão as diretrizes para o uso adequado da palavra Joomla! Se quiser criar um link para esta página, por favor use o código ASCII %21 para o ponto de exclamação (!). Alguns fóruns, editores de texto e programas bloqueam o ! como um caractere exclusivo de URLs. Corte e cole o seguinte link:

Nome no texto

"Joomla!" é o nosso nome e, como tal, merece o máximo de esforços de todos para protegê-lo. Ele define nossa marca, tanto de nosso software quanto de nossa comunidade. Ele significa nossa reputação de excelência. Temos diretrizes específicas para quando e como usar corretamente a nossa marca em conteúdos voltados ao público, tais como materiais de marketing e páginas da web em Essas diretrizes são seguidas a risca dentro de um ambiente voltado para o usuário controlado como o administrador Joomla!

"Joomla!" deve SEMPRE ser escrito com maiúscula.

O nome de nosso projeto é nossa propriedade. Por favor, sempre escreva em maiúscula o "J" de Joomla.

Quando colocar a exclamação em Joomla "!"

Nossa marca registrada [1] é "Joomla!" incluindo o ponto de exclamação. O ponto de exclamação, em inglês, também é denominado "bang" tanto na edição de textos quanto no uso de revistas em quadrinhos. O uso correto e completo do nosso nome é COM o ponto de exclamação.

Whenever you refer to Joomla! in prominent locations, such as headings and graphics, the use of the exclamation mark "!" as part of the name IS MANDATORY.

Exceptions to this requirement are web addresses, email addresses, hashtags, keywords, SEF URLs/aliases, searches on third party websites and cases where the ability to resolve the URL will be thrown off by punctuation as well as when Joomla! is used in CMS language strings[2]. Another exception is for "Joomla!" used as a title for a page on the JDoc as it may affect the search engine.

Within body text (e.g. between the <p> ... </p> tags), the "!" is optional and even discouraged if it affects readability as it would be the case adding the "!" before any other punctuation, and this unless you are referring to another one of trademarks as a proper name.

Whenever the Joomla! name is part of or nested inside another multi-word Joomla-related trademark or service mark then the exclamation point should be used. If the use is a proper name it should have capitalised initials, Joomla! should include the exclamation point and it should be followed by a TM indicia. Examples: References to the Joomla! Extensions Directory™, the Joomla! Framework™ or Joomla! 3.4 as a product.

Quand incluir indicações de Marca comercial ( ® or ™ )

Part of protecting a trademark, whether registered or not, is giving notice to viewers that we consider the mark to be our property.

Use ® following the first prominent use of Joomla!

Exceptions: in Joomla! CMS language strings since all backend users must login and will see the Joomla! signature and registered trademark indicia on the login module, there is no need to include a registered mark indicia (®) anywhere else in the backend. Also, there is no need to use it again on pages diplayed on official Joomla! websites. For example and regarding the Joomla! Documentation site, the property is already claimed with the disclaimer at the bottom of the current page.

Always use ™ following the first prominent use of other Joomla-related trademarks

With other Joomla-related trademarks or service marks, such as a reference to the Joomla! Extensions Directory™, the proper indicia to use is the TM indicia (™) at the end of the entire mark. Notice the exclamation point is included and the registered indicia (®) normally used with Joomla! standing alone, is removed. The ™ indicia should be used with any reference to a Joomla! product or service other than a release of Joomla! itself (such as Joomla! 3.4).

These other trademarks are not registered. Nevertheless, they are protectable trademarks and service marks. A superscript circle-R should NOT be used with them; instead a superscript TM should be used. Because these are unregistered trademarks, extra care is needed to use them consistently on order to emphasize and retain their trademark status. The registration and broader recognition of the main Joomla! wordmark is the reason why we have more flexibility with the Joomla! proper name.

Examples of uses

  • Correct use Checkmark.png
Starting with Joomla! and beyond
Joomla!® is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build websites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla! the most popular website software available.

How can I get involved with Joomla?
Anyone can contribute on any level, even newcomers can contribute to Joomla. You can get started by answering questions on the Joomla! Forums™ and joining the Joomla! Bug Squad™, Joomla! User Group™ or other Joomla! working groups. You can also write for our official magazine, the Joomla! Community Magazine™, or organize a Joomla! event.
  • Correct use Checkmark.png
Lorem ipsum dolor sit Joomla!® amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Registered indicia

The exclamation mark with the registered indicia should be used at least once, at or near the first usage of "Joomla!" in text, in order to acknowledge it as a trademark.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit Joomla! amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Capitalise with exclamation

Capitalise the "J" of the word "Joomla!" but not when used to indicate the web or email address. Be consistent in the use of the word without the exclamation mark.

The Joomla! Bug Squad™
The Joomla! Framework™ - Joomla! 3.4
Official services and groups

The exclamation mark and the capital "J" should always be used when the word Joomla! is part of the name of a product, service or group.

  • Incorrect useX-mark.png
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit Joomla!?
Do NOT use the exclamation mark next to a dot or question mark

The exclamation mark of the word "Jooma!" must be omitted when the word comes directly before any other punctuation, like a question mark or comma.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit Joomlas amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Do NOT pluralise

"Joomla!" is our project's name, hence it cannot be pluralised, used as verb or abbreviated in any way.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit Joomla!™ amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Do NOT use the trademark notice

The word "Joomla!" or "Joomla" must not be followed by the trademark notice.

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