Joomla 1.6 Core Classes - Modules

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This table contains a list of the CSS Classes generated by Joomla! 1.6 core modules. This list is not be complete and subject to change. The list is presented in a "designer / developer friendly format" to aid in the construction of new templates for 1.6.

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Num Class Name Module Uses Module Suffix Used For Used By
0 moduletable all modules Yes top-level container for modules <div>
1 archive-module articles - archived Yes container for list of archived articles <ul>
2 categories-module articles - categories Yes container for list of subcategories in a category <ul>
3 category-module articles - category Yes container for list of articles in a category <ul>
4 mod-articles-category-title articles - category No article title; link to article <a>
5 mod-articles-category-hits articles - category No article number of hits <span>
6 mod-articles-category-writtenby articles - category No article author <span>
7 mod-articles-category-category articles - category No article category <span>
8 mod-articles-category-date articles - category No article date <span>
9 latestnews articles - latest news Yes container for list of latest news <ul>
10 newsflash articles - newsflashes Yes module-specific container <div>
11 newsflash-horiz articles - newsflashes Yes container for list of newsflashes <ul>
12 article-separator articles - newsflashes No separator between items <span>
13 newsflash-item articles - newsflashes No item in newsflash list <li>
14 newsflash-title articles - newsflashes Yes module header <h3>
15 readmore articles - newsflashes No link to complete list <a>
16 mostread articles - most popular Yes container for list <ul>
17 bannergroup banners Yes container for group <div>
18 banneritem banners No container for item <div>
19 clr banners No clear previous floats <div>
20 bannerfooter banners No container for footer <div>
21 breadcrumb breadcrumbs Yes breadcrumb trail <span>
22 pathway breadcrumbs No breadcrumb links <a>
23 feed news feed No container for feed <div>
24 newsfeed news feed Yes container for list of feed items < ul>
25 newsfeed-item news feed No feed item <li>
26 feed-link news feed No header <h5>
27 feed-link news feed No header <h4>
28 mod_languages language switcher Yes module-specific container <div>
29 header language switcher No module header <div>
30 footer language switcher No module footer <div>
31 button login No submit button <input>
32 input login No container for userid, password inputs <fieldset>
33 inputbox login No userid, password <input>
34 menu menu Yes container for list of menu items <ul>
35 separator menu No separator item <span>
36 random-image random images Yes module-specific container <div>
37 relateditems related items Yes container for list <ul>
38 search search Yes module-specific container <div>
39 inputbox search No search string <input>
40 button search No submit button <input>
41 class stats-module statistics Yes container for list <dl>
42 syndicate-module syndication Yes link to syndicated content <a>
43 latestusers latest users No container for list <ul>
44 weblinks weblinks No container for list <ul>
45 whosonline who's online No container for list <ul>
46 wrapper wrapper No module-specific container <iframe>