Joomla Platform autoloader coverage

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This page is only relevant for  Joomla 2.5 Joomla 3.x. From Joomla Joomla 4.0 all classes are autoloadable

Current trunk is used as the base. Note the classes in the legacy folder should all be autoloadable so they are ignored in this listing. Classes made autoloadable by registering them to JLoader count as not autoloadable. Classes only kept around to load the new classes (aliases) are ignored.

Package Coverage
Access Complete
Application Partly
Archive Complete
Base None
Cache Complete
Client Complete
Controller Complete
Crypt Complete
Database Complete
Date Complete
Document Partly
Environment None
Event Complete
FileSystem Partly
Filter Complete
Form Partly
GitHub Complete
HTML Partly
HTTP Complete
Image Complete
Input Complete
Installer Partly
Language Partly
Log Buggy
Mail Complete
Model Complete
Object Complete
Pagination Complete
Plugin Complete
Profiler Complete
Registry Complete
Session Complete
String Complete
Table Complete
Updater Partly
User Complete
Utilities None
View Complete