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The Joomla User Group team is a multi-cultural, multi-national team from around the world. We process all the JUG registrations and generally help User Groups to thrive.

Team Leadership

Team Lead - Liam Mandville

Liam Mandville works with several organisations on internet safety and security. He also works with Project Griffin, Pegasus, the Fraud Forum and other related projects. He spends most of his time with community groups and charities advising on how to develop websites, migrations and training schemes. Works as an accessibility and security advisor for festivals.

Is an avid camper both in "Tin" and "canvas" tents. Is nearly always accompanied by his Siberian Husky who is a regular feature of many training and presentation sessions. Speaks three languages and follows the principles of the devils advocate.

Community Leadership Team Liaison - Ruth Cheesley

Ruth Cheesley

Ruth has always been a passionate supporter of free and open source software, and came across Joomla! in the early days when asked to design a website during her time as IT Technician at a school, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Ruth is CEO & Co-Founder of Virya Group - which is full-service, tech-focused agency specialising in promoting and working with Open Source technologies. Her personal area of interest lies within search engine optimisation and helping websites to recover from poor SEO practices. Ruth also founded Joomla! User Group Suffolk, regularly contributes to the Joomla Community Magazine, and is on the team for JoomlaDay UK events.

Ruth joined the Community Leadership Team in March 2013 and works closely with the Joomla User Group team promoting Joomla in local communities around the world.

You can follow Ruth on Twitter @RCheesley and Google+ at

Ruth speaks English, and basic level French.

Trademark Team Liaison - Duke Speer

Duke Speer

Duke came to Joomla from the Zope and Plone projects when a client insisted that their site be rebuilt using Joomla! Shortly after, he attended the JoomlaDay in Las Vegas, met some of the leaders there, and was infected by the passion of the Joomla! community. He specializes in websites for charities that need to demonstrate their impact. For the Project, he serves as the Team Lead for the group that protects and defends the Joomla trademarks and copyrights for the benefit of the Joomla! community, drawing upon experience from his first career as an intellectual property attorney. He serves on several working groups including Governance, Joomla Resources Directory, and Marketing. He is a frequent speaker at Joomla events, including host of Joomla!Ignite at the Joomla World Conference.

Duke's home is in Utah where in the winter he serves as a volunteer ski patroller and his summer includes camping, mountain bike riding and photography.

Team Members

Alejandro Pascoli

Alejandro Pascoli

Helvecio da Silva

Helvécio da Silva

Graphic and webdesigner, uses Joomla since 2005. Currently based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he runs his own design studio - HLVC Design - as a consultant in web and graphic design, Joomla, Wordpress, Online Social Media and Online Marketing.

Passionate about his work and Joomla, he is always eager to find more and more about the system and share his knowledge with the community. Creating custom Joomla templates is the area he enjoys the most working with and you can easily find him busy learning new techniques.

In addition to being part of the Joomla! User Group Team, Helvecio is also a member of the forming Joomla Design Team and regular contributor as an illustrator for the Joomla Commnunity Magazine. In Rio de Janeiro, he helps organize the meeting of JUG CaRIOca, a local JUG.

You can follow Helvecio on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Saurabh Shah

Saurabh Shah

Saurabh is a Joomlaholic and very passionate about Open Source. Saurabh lives in Pune, India and is currently a front end developer at He is knowledgeable with many coding languages and database applications and you can usually find him busy coding Joomla! templates and themes, styling Joomla! extensions, and keeping up-to-date with web technologies.

In addition to being an OSM Board Member, Saurabh is a member of the Joomla! Events Team, Joomla! User Group Team (JUG), and Joomla! Social Media Team. He is a frequent speaker at JoomlaDay events around the world and an organizer of JoomlaDay India.

Apart from Joomla!, Saurabh is a Regional Mozilla Representative (ReMo) and coordinates and speaks at Mozilla events.

You can follow Saurabh on Twitter @SaurabhShah.

Son Koral

Son Koral

Son Koral is the organizer for the Joomla! User Group Detroit since September 2012 and is dedicated to sharing his passion for Joomla! and Open Source Software in Detroit. He works full time as a web developer at the Detroit Zoo and founded the start up company, Detroit Web Developers also in 2012. Son is involved in many projects, but the Joomla! Content Management System is his first love.

Son is a member of the Registered Joomla! User Group team and is also active on the Joomla! project in the Forum and as a bug tester.

Follow Son on Twitter @sonkoral

Alice Grevet

Trademark Specialists

Jennifer Gress

Jennifer Gress

Jennifer Gress has been using Joomla since 2006 as an employee in corporate America. Since 2010 she has been working with clients to use Joomla for their websites and empower them with the ability to work with and edit their own content. In 2010 she began co-organizing the Bay Area Joomla! User Group in the San Francisco Bay Area and does so to this day.

Jennifer co-authored Using Joomla!, Second Edition for O'Reilly Media, Inc. in 2014 to reach even more people and empower them to use Joomla.

In addition to being a member of the Joomla User Group Team, Jenn is also a member of the Trademark Team and the Update Working Group with the goal to help people migrate their sites from one life cycle of Joomla to another. Jenn has built an expertise around migration and hopes all will get their sites to the latest version of Joomla!

Jenn is regularly active on the Joomla Community Forums with a goal to answer at least one post per week. Not a ton - but helps someone out there to get farther with Joomla.

You can find Jenn on LinkedIn or via her website.

Michelle Bisson