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The Joomla! X Team falls under the responsibility of the Production Department, which oversees all aspects related to the code of all software lead by the Joomla! Project.
Please visit the Volunteers Portal to get an overview of the members of this team.


The purpose of the Joomla! X Team is to define (the architecture of) the next generation of Joomla.


Joomla! X is designed using state-of-the-art architecture and technology.
It serves as a lighthouse for the development of current Joomla! versions. New code for current Joomla! should be written in a way that makes it possible to re-use it on Joomla! X. Existing code should be refactored in the same way.
The final goal is to switch to the new architecture with a one-click update one day in a not too far future.


  • Team Lead, Assistant Team Lead: These two members lead the team as defined in the bylaws. Their main obligation is to co-ordinate the team's activities and collaboration with other teams.
  • Lead Architect: Beside defining the base architecture, the duty of the Lead Architect is to ensure that contributions to Joomla! X fit into the architecture.
  • Member: Members of the Joomla! X Team are regularly contributing to the lighthouse project.