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General description of the help screen.

How to access[edit]

  • Click the Articles icon in the Control Panel
  • Select Content  Articles from the drop-down menu of the Joomla! Administrator Panel.
  • Click the Articles link while viewing Categories or Featured Articles in the left, upper sidebar.



Column Headers[edit]

In the table containing ..., these are the different columns shown below.


At the top you will see the toolbar:


The functions are:

List Filters[edit]

Enter Search and filter options here.


If the Column Headers and Toolbar icons don't give enough information about the use of the screen, add this header.


; Subject : Description.

Quick Tips[edit]

  • Tip 1.
  • Tip 2.

Related information[edit]

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Using the cathelp template[edit]

Make sure you add a category using the {{cathelp}} template!