Maintenance Release Documentation

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After a new maintenance release is released, there will normally be questions and issues that come up as people begin to use it. For example, there might be a bug that was missed or a change in the way an existing feature works. We will need to create documentation for these issues as they come up.

We have created a standard place in the Wiki to put this documentation for each maintenance release. Here is how it works.

  • For each release, a new Wiki Category will be created with the name "Version x.y.z FAQ" (for example, Category:Version 1.5.8 FAQ).
  • This Category will be a member of the Category for the major version (for example, Category:Version 1.5 FAQ). It will be created at the time of the release and will be linked to in the release information. Initially, it will not have any articles in it.
  • When a new issue comes up that we want to document, we will create a new article in the Wiki and add this article to the Category for this maintenance release and also for the parent version. For example, if an article relates to version 1.5.8, we would add it to two categories: "Version 1.5 FAQ" and "Version 1.5.8 FAQ". To do this, just add the text [[Category:Version 1.5 FAQ]] and [[Category:Version 1.5.8 FAQ]] at the bottom of the article.
    • To add a new article to the Wiki, enter the article name in the URL, for example " does this happen in version 1.5.8%3f" (the "%3f" is the question mark).
    • The naming convention for FAQ's is to use questions and, if applicable, use the second person ("you") instead of the first person ("I" or "me"). So use something like "Why does this happen when you..." instead of "Why does this happen when I...".
    • Also, it is best to put the version number in the title, for example, "Why does x happen when you do y in version 1.5.8%3f". That way it is clear that this FAQ only relates to this version.