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The New Media Manager Team falls under the responsibility of the Production Department, which oversees all aspects related to the code of all software lead by the Joomla! Project.
Please visit the Volunteers Portal to get an overview of the members of this team.


Create a media manager for Joomla! that lives up to today’s users expectations in handling media for websites. The media manager should be extensible as for workflow, actions/transformation on media and also for supported mediatypes.

Different people have different visions for the new media manager and the project has a really long history. To have a roadmap which is realistic, we assigned the most needed features to the 4.0 Joomla release (milestone 1). If we have the resource, we plan to to make an installable version of the component for the Joomla 3.x series after milestone 1.


  • Team Lead and Assistant Team Lead: They are coordinating the team's activities, collaborate with the LT and with the other teams. Are involved in development as well.
  • Developer: Are developing the new features.
  • UX/UI: Making research, surveys and recommendations for the devs about how to build the UI.


Milestone 1

Improve UI/UX of media list view

The user interface should become more modern. We are using the javascript framework vue to solve this task.

  • Search media by name
  • Easy navigation between folders
  • Show additional information of selected media
  • Grid and Table view
  • CRUD + advanced features Download / Zip / Preview
  • Reworked overall look & feel, smoother ux.

Image editing

Opening an image should allow the following editing features: crop, resize, rotate. The different actions will be implemented through Joomla! plugins. 3dp can add additional media-action plugins to extend the media manipulation tools (filters, watermarks, painting).

Drag and Drop

Upload multiple media files through file upload, drag and drop or copy paste from clipboard into the actual folder. The progress should be visualized as well.

Milestone 2 - x

Cloud filesystems (GSoC project)

It will be possible to integrate cloud filesystems like Dropbox, AWS or WebDAV as sources for media files. Preferable through plugins.

Media integration

Media form fields should allow to not only pick images, but also more media files like PDF or SVG documents.

Batch processing & Presets

Select images and execute some batch actions like resize or rename. Should be also possible to do this via cli and apply defined presets (manually and on upload).

Move images folder to media

Moving the images folder to the media folder.

SVG support

Allows to upload and view SVG files. As we need to consider all the security implications, this feature has an optional status.

Database abstraction

The media files will be abstracted as database entries and the folder structure is visualised through categories. It’s a virtual layer above the (cloud) file system.


ACL should be implemented so admins can define who can manipulate and view the media files.

File statistics

Determine the usage of media files within Joomla.

Language associations

It is now possible to associate articles. The same should be possible with media files and their categories.


Searching for media files in the default Joomla! search and smart search.


Tagging files with Joomla’s tagging extension.