Merge Revisions from Trunk to Branch

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These are the instructions for using Eclipse with SVN.

You should be upgraded to See below for instructions on how to upgrade.

The basic process is to:

  1. Make sure your local eclipse project is updated to head and committed. (That is, don't have any local changes)
  2. Do the merge from trunk. This will create local changes in your eclipse project for the templates branch
  3. Commit the local changes to the svn. I usually note the rev # in the commit message

1. Commit all local changes

Commit any changes in your local copy to your branch. If you have changes you don't want to commit to your branch, create a patch (team/create patch) and then replace with base revision (replace with/base revision). You can then apply the patch after the merge.

2. Merge from the trunk

  • Right click on your branch project, select team, merge
  • Select "Merge a range of revisions"
  • Uncheckmark Perform Pre-Merge at the bottom of the page (next)
  • The Merge should be /trunk
  • Checkmark All Eligible (next)
  • Checkmark Mark Conflicts under all three areas
  • Leave Merge Option alone and Depth at Working Copy (Finish)

Note: If you keep your branch and a copy of the trunk at the same revision, you can update the trunk first to see what files will be affected in the revision merge.

3. Commit all local changes

The merge will have created changes in your local copy. Be sure that you resolve any conflicts.

Commit the changes along with a message about the revisions that you merged. On the console, at the beginning of the list of merged files is a message with the revisions it's merging in. You can copy this for your message so you know what the merge encompasses and what the current revision this branch is matched to.

Updating Eclipse Subversion

  • Go to Eclipse->Help->Software Updates
  • Click on the Available Software Tab
  • Look for
  • If it's missing, click the button to Add to site list
  • Enter to add it
  • Go to it on the list and expand it
  • To verify expand subclipse see that the first one is collabnet merge client
  • Checkmark the Optional JNA and Subclipse. This will select all the subfiles.
  • Install
  • Restart Eclipse when asked to do so