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Draws a progress bar. (see here for more details)

  • name (mandatory) is the unique name of the parameter.
  • type (mandatory) must be meter.
  • label (mandatory) (translatable) is the descriptive title of the field.
  • description (optional) (translatable) tooltip for the form field.
  • class (optional) specify your own classes for additonal markup
  • size (optional) sets the input size of the field
  • default (optional) the initial value of the progress bar.
  • min (optional) the minimum value of the progress bar.
  • max (optional) the maximum value of the progress bar.
  • step (optional) the step at which the progress changes on the bar.
  • animated (optional)(default:true) sets whether the progress bar is animated or not.
  • active (optional)(default:false) sets whether the progress bar animation is active. Works with animated .

Note that without setting the min and max values it will probably not work as expected. This is NOT an input type. It just creates a progress bar:

        <field name="meter"

This will create the following HTML code:

<div class="control-group">
  <div class="control-label">
    <label id="jform_meter-lbl" for="jform_meter" class="">
    <div class="controls">
       <div class="progress  progress-striped active" data-max="1000" data-min="1" data-step="10" data-value="240">		
          <div class="bar" style="width: 23.923923923924%;"></div>