Mootools Testing Plan

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This page will begin to define test procedures that can be used to ensure that all of the Mootools Behaviours are functioning properly.


Create an image and insert it in an article. Set the title attribute to your caption. Verify that the caption is inserted below the image.

Form Validation

Browse to a form in the backend and ensure that validation is working correctly.


Ensure the switcher works in the Global Configuration and System Information

Combo Box

This is not used in core and should be deprecated.


Create an element with a class 'hasTip'. Add an attribute title with the tooltip. The tooltip should popup when you mouseover the element.


Make sure the modals still work.


Test the uploader in the Media Manager, the Image Popup in the Article Manager and the frontend Image Popup.


Ensure the tree works in the media manager.


Calendar doesn't use Mootools, but test by selecting a date and ensuring that the proper date is inserted into the text field.


Ensure that a request is made to the server one minute before timeout. You can verify using the Apache logs.

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